Setup Spotify Family Address even We are not Living in the Same Place

If you mind to try Free Spotify Premium Forever do at your own risk.

Based on that statement, the real question is “Can we set the fake address in Spotify family?” And the short answer is “Literally YES“, but here is my opinion based on my experience.

We are facing the same problem. That happened to me

A few days ago I was registering for Spotify family, it’s my first-time experience using paid service from Spotify. I don’t have any Credit card, I live in Indonesia, my Neteller virtual CC is useless. First, I’ve an exactly similar question about this, when I was googling it, google redirect me here.

This answer based on my experience.

I am using VCN (Virtual Card Number) provided by Bank Negara Indonesia, then I register to Spotify, and choose the family plan, firstly I just wondering that my experiment fails, it just takes my IDR 79K, at least I am trying, right?. After successfully registered, and fill the payment details, Spotify asks me to fill this form.

spotify family address

Above is our main address to be used later. This address needs to be distributed to all account connected with your family account. They will be asked the same question and form to be filled by.

When all field already filled down by the address, the Spotify will redirect you to this page below.

spotify family address

Then, I invite my friends, not my real family. Spotify will generate a random code for each slot, then your friend can redeem it. After accessing the link, they will be redirected to the link contains the same form I need to fill before, and they should fill the form exactly same with your address filled before.

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